Inep has a traditional publication line, dated over 70 years, that reflects the paths followed by the Brazilian educational thinking throughout time.

Among them are to be found renowned periodicals, as well as special editions. The Institute most outstanding publications are:

Brazilian Journal of Pedagogical Studies – RBEP

Created in 1944 and published every four months, RBEP contains articles based on studies, researches, debates and experiences concerning education and related fields; one of its thematic divisions on evaluation and statistics is devoted to research information and reviews. RBEP also presents reprints of relevant writings, considered to be relevant to the historical comprehension of education, as well as information on thesis and reviews of newly published works.

Em Aberto

Created in 1981 to promote and stimulate the discussion about current and relevant issues in the Brazilian education, "Em Aberto" is a quarterly journal. Besides articles, it publishes critical reviews and selective bibliographies. It is widely used as teaching material in undergraduate and graduate Education courses.

Na Medida (Newsletter of Educational Studies)

This is a bimonthly electronic publication, aimed to qualify the debate on education in the country, through the spread of technical analysis to a wide audience.

Last updated: 2 February 2015