International Programs

Inep is also responsible for some international education assessment, statistics and research studies in which Brazil is invited to take part.


The Exam for the Certification of Proficiency in Portuguese (CELPE-BRAS) is administered twice every year for foreigners who want a certificate of proficiency in the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil. It is a requirement for foreign students who wish to apply for a Brazilian higher education institution.

Programme for International Student Assessment – PISA

Created and operated worldwide by the OECD, this assessment seeks to assess competencies of 15 year-old students. PISA is executed every three years and consists of a cognitive large scale test and a socio-economical questionnaire, filled by students and school principals, in order to provide contextual information on educational environment. The test evaluates competencies on Reading, Mathematics and Sciences, focusing on one of these areas of knowledge in each of its editions. Inep is the Brazilian institution accountable for performing this study and disseminating the results in the country.

Regional Comparative Studies

The studies carried out by the Latin American Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE), of UNESCO's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC), seek to evaluate the quality of education provided by elementary schools. Inep participates in these studies since the First Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study (Perce), which was conducted in 1997 and was the first comparative educational assessment of Latin American countries. The second study (Serce) was implemented in 2006, with the participation of 16 countries. The third study (Terce) was implemented in 2013. The results will become available in December, 2014.

Indicators of National Education Systems (Ines)

Operated by the OECD, the INES program is responsible for the construction of internationally comparable education indicators, as well as the preparation of technical studies, research and surveys, seeking to analyze the dimensions of a set of indicators. Based on such data, OECD publishes an annual study entitled ‘Education at a Glance', which aims to disseminate educational indicators that enable OECD member countries and partner countries of the organization to develop new educational projects, or the improvement of existing ones.

Teaching and Learning International Survey (Talis)

Talis is an international research on Teaching and Learning, which was conducted in 2007/2008 by OECD as part of the INES program. It was the first international survey to collect data on the learning environment and the working conditions that schools offer teachers, aiming to contribute to the development of more effective educational policies in this area. The second survey was conducted in 2012/2013.

Educational Mercosur

Inep is an active participant in two working groups of the Educational Mercosur: Indicators, whose goal is to identify a set of comparable indicators of educational systems of member countries and associates of Mercosur and define new indicators to meet specific regional demands at different levels and teaching modalities; and Terminology, which aims to systematize the terms that refer to education and their correspondence in the different member countries and associates.

Networks of National Agencies of Accreditation of Higher Education

Inep is a participant in the Ibero-American Network of National Agencies of Accreditation of Higher Education (RIACES). This is an association of Ibero-American evaluation and accreditation agencies, intended to promote cooperation and exchange experience in higher education assessment and accreditation, contributing to the quality assurance of higher education in the participating countries.

Inep also participates in the Network of National Accreditation Agencies of the Educational Mercosur (RANA), which responsible for the assessment and accreditation of higher education careers within the scope of the member and associate countries of Mercosur.

Last updated: 2 February 2015